Black lIne Woodcut
Color Woodcut
Pen and Ink


I have always had a fascination with maps. When I was five, I created maps of fantasy worlds. I would imagine the land, flora and fauna, and try to visualize how the people looked and what strange customs they followed. In retrospect, my immediate family can probably take the credit (or blame, if you prefer) for this. Everyone in my family was born somewhere else, and when I was young these magical, exotic names conjured up incredible images. I would search in vain through our family atlas, trying to find these names I could barely pronounce, never mind spell. Maps became sources of wonder and enchantment, and my love for them grew. To my young mind, they became entwined with my sense of family, and my passion for them has never diminished. I am extremely fortunate that my work often involves this passion. To date, I have created hundreds of maps for many different clients. I have created maps for board games, stock market promotion (in print, CD/DVD and video), historical and fantasy maps in books and magazines, and much more.